CBD Oil In Washington State – All You Need To Know

April 7, 2020

CBD oil in Washington State is what people google, try to get info about, and eventually seek the best to buy. This article will show you the state these products are in Washington.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Washington State?

Weed is an ambiguous plant that arises a bundle of moot questions and discussions around it. By 2018, cannabidiol had been in the list of banned substances with fines applied in case of lawbreaking.

Since 2018, the best CBD brands have been able to grow cannabis and make different products out of it. Still, there are some legal restrictions in Washington regarding this industry. Whatever oil or spray or other different pot things it is, THC concentration in it cannot be higher than 0,6%. In Washington, the best companies endeavor to hold the amount of it in the number 0f 0.3 percent.

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CBD Companies In Washington State

If the best Washington State CBD companies have been somehow out of your attention, pay attention to some of them.

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals endeavors to produce the best oil by extracting hemp with ethanol and then subjecting it to distillation. In this way, the Washington herb comes out as solvent-free.

All the ingredients are sourced from the Oregon farms that are not in use by the best CBD brands. Lazarus Naturals takes advantage of it and only conforms to all the standards set by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

If you look for the isolate oils, this brand is what you strive to find.

Alpha Therapeutics

The best CBD oil manufacturers Washington State creates extreme CBD strengths from the very low till the immensely high. Alpha Therapeutics has even 6 000 MG oils in their assortment catalog.

Significantly potent balm or salve is great when you go in for sport, in particular some that may cause different traumas. This CBD Washington brand is compulsory to check it out.

Palm Organix

This comparatively new cannabis family-business is an attentive observer of other best companies in WA. Palm Organix tests its products for various harmful substances and promises to remove GMO, gluten, metals, and harsh chemicals.

If you are very accurate with new brands, you should not be afraid here. Palm Organix offers the best customers a 30-day guarantee.

Shops With CBD Products Washington State

Where to buy CBD oil in Washington State? With such a wide range of options, one is unable to choose the best. Find your city and get acquainted with some.


Being the biggest city, Seattle brims with CBD products. It is not a secret that many of them are available online. However, for those adherents of offline purchases, you are welcome.

Herban Legends

The convenient location is one of the best things Herban Legends boast off. They are situated in the downtown, just 5 minutes from Pike Place Market.

All the cannabis samples are in stock, but you may pre-order your best oil using the website and then pick up in the store. Don’t miss the chance to communicate with the staff and ask some questions regarding what you buy.

Ganja Goddess

This Seattle shop also arranges various meetings with the growers of pot in Washington to feel all the intricacies of the process.

Ganja Goddess has both products for body-care and medical treatment. You may but any without a prescription.

Ruckus Recreational

Whenever you feel desperate about the chances to find the best CBD oil from Washington State, Ruckus Recreational is a retailer of Washington CBD companies.

Here people often come to choose something for their vapes. Note that it is forbidden to smoke on the premises of the shop.


People from big cities are accustomed to getting the best. These shops in Tacoma are for such customers.

Bright Day CBD

Rich in tinctures, Bright Day offers different fruit flavors. They sell the products possible to use as a separate oil without any supplements.

Here you may find such brands like Lazarus Naturals, CBDistillery, Receptra, etc. If you have seen your best company, visit Bright Day to ask for more details.


The motto of this store is “Feel better, Sleep better, and Recover faster”. They retail capsules and topicals for your pain relief. For sleep and stress troubles, Seabedee has a line of tinctures.

The store signs a guarantee with your purchase for you to have the possibility of getting money back in case of an event presupposed by the agreement.

True Healings CBD

The last recommendation from Tacoma is True Healings. The store is not for people who seek someplace to smoke and buy CBD oil Washington State for their vapes.

In the assortment, there is only an oil line. If you have body muscles or mental complaints, it is for you.


The best is not always in the biggest city. With a bit more than 100 000 citizens, Kent has a couple of stores to show off in Washington.

Kloris CBD

In Kloris, you will find a luxurious design. Everything is aimed to impress the customer that comes in.

Concerning production, the lion’s share goes to bath products. There is an abundance of bath melts and bombs. These are mostly for women who like such intricacies and need the best for their skin.

CBD Star

This Kent store is probably one of those with the widest range. The separate CBD is for frequent gym visitors, while others are for skincare. Here are also a lot of flowers that may be used as edibles.

You need to see all of this with your own eyes to feel what is best among all of these things.

Tracey Hemp

Our final store is Tracey Hemp. When mentioned the last, it does not mean that the shop is worse or better than antecedent ones.

It offers various CBD gummies to taste and get some positive effects out of it. Make sure you have an ID with you to enter this Washington store.

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If you are impressed with Washington State CBD oil, go back and jot down the best places to try it. Be sure to consult your physician before taking any CBD product.


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